So a new some devoted Pokemon GO players – we assume that’s the only kind there is now – have found a new and interesting way to power up their mons, and this even comes with a level boost. There have been “double touch” mechanisms in the gameplay of Niantic’s Pokemon GO that have been discovered, such as double touching for Pokemon revives and potions. But a double touch mechanism for powering up your mons has recently been discovered.

For this bit of Pokemon GO wizardry to work, you must have a smartphone display large enough to accommodate more than one finger on the Power Up button that sits below each individual Pokemon. The main part of this method for upgrade is that it saves you time, but the powering up consumes the same amount of resources as you would when you do two power up cycles. The secondary part is explained in the video below.

It seems that there is a bug in the code, that when you use this method of levelling up your mons, the Pokemon can be leveled up beyond its normal level cap. For instance, a Pokemon owned by a level 22 player can only be powered up to level 23.5. With this 2x finger tap method, this level 22 player could potentially power up a level 23 Pokemon up to 24 instead of just level 23.5.

We know that half a level above the level cap won’t change the game too much. And if Niantic gets wind of this, there’s every chance that they will patch this exploit as well. But for hardcore Pokemon GO gamers, it’s all just part and parcel of being the very best, like no one ever was.

VIA: SlashGear