I would wager that a bunch of you were into the 8-bit games of the earlier days of gaming. I can fondly recall many of those game characters like Pac-Man, Q-Bert, and a bunch of others. One that I don’t recall is Dizzy. Apparently, Dizzy Prince of the Yolk Folk was an iconic character in Europe, which would be why I don’t know about it.

If you do know Dizzy and have some fond memories of playing that game back in the day, the game is coming to Android. The game is no longer 8-bit with the nice graphics we expect from mobile games today. The game is called Dizzy Prince of the Yolk Folk and will land on the Android market on December 9.

The game is a remake of an arcade game from 1991. It appears to be a classic side scroller and should be fun. The player will collect objects and solve puzzles to free Daisy from the evil wizard. Let me know if you recall Dizzy from back in the day.