Okay, so this time we bring to you an easy DIY project, all you need is an old – or new, it doesn’t matter – pair of lab goggles, cardboard, tape, a ruler, a knife, an HTC Magic, and of course, a lot of time in your hands. This is the creative handiwork of Recombu’s Andrew Lim, and he shows you how to do it on the video at the end of this post.

The DIY virtual reality headset, takes advantage of the accelerometer on the HTC Magic, so you can use it to pan around in the compass Street View mode of Google Maps for example. Also, you could use one of the augmented reality apps available for Android to make things more interesting when using the device.

Now, Chris over at SlashGear said the following:

We can’t quite decide whether this is genius or insanity, but we’re not going to let that stop us making our own.

So I will definitely stay in contact with him, to find out when will his project be ready. I’ll try to get some pictures of his project, as well as video, if there’s any. Chris, are you reading this?



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