If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to constantly check your mobile phone and yet you’re expecting important phone calls, you would need a device that will let you know if that call is coming through, even with your phone a little farther away. Or if you’re someone who always seems to forget his/her mobile device, you would need something to remind you when you’ve done so. A Kickcstarter project is aiming to bring that product to you in one tiny package with Ditto.

While wearables like smartwatches and NFC-enabled gadgets performs these functions (and a whole host of other ones), Ditto has just simple goals in your digital life. The creator is a company called Simple Matters, so you can imagine how simple and minimalist it really is. You just need to put the device anywhere close to your body, whether you clip it on or put in on the strap that comes with it, as long as you can feel its vibrations. You can use it to alert you to incoming calls from important people, which you can set on the Favorites of the accompanying app. It wil also vibrate when you’ve left your device tethered to Ditto in a restaurant, your house or your office. You can even use it as a silent alarm clock so you won’t disturb the person sleeping next to you.

As we said, there are wearables that you can set up to do just this for you, but if you don’t like the idea of smartwatches constantly bothering you with notifications and such, then you might want to consider Ditto. It’s tiny and convenient (and also waterproof) plus it will just give you a vibrating nudge for things that you think are really important to you. And you don’t need to charge the device because it runs on lithium battery and will just inform you when it needs replacing

They are still a few tens of thousands away from their goal of $100,000 for funding, but they do have 8 days more to go in their campaign. Shipping for Ditto is expected sometime in the first quarter of 2015. So if you feel like this is something you and other people need, go ahead and support them.

SOURCE: Kickstarter