Robotic vacuum cleaners have been a game changer. They patrol your floors and suck up dirt so you’ll never have to clean them by hand again. The downside? They’re really expensive — far out of the economic reach of many people. But now there’s a robotic vacuum that works great and is available at a price that fits into any budget. Introducing the ECOVACS DEEBOT Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, offered to readers of Android Community for the shockingly low price of just $140.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT Slim2 is a workhorse. Designed for use on hardwood floors, it’ll run for an impressive 110 minutes per charge. It cleans dirt, hair, and other debris with ease, it sweeps and mops, and it has safety technology built-in that ensures it won’t fall down stairs or run into obstacles. You can set daily or weekly cleaning schedules, and you can even activate it away from home using the mobile app.

Put your feet up and let the ECOVACS DEEBOT Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner do its job, only $140 here at Android Community Deals.