The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is one of the best phones in the mobile market today. There are three variants available: the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10+. For this purpose, we’ll focus on the premium Galaxy S10 since it is almost similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. We never really doubted a premium phone from the South Korean tech giant would do well in the Display Technology Shoot-out since most expensive Galaxy phones we’ve tried have shown top performance and innovation.

Samsung makes use of the most high-tech display. For the Galaxy S10, the OLED display is on a full-screen design. The naked eye may not notice the improvement but the S10 now comes with a dual-edge curved screen flexible OLEDs by Samsung Display.

The display is tested for camera previews, app rendering, usability, and readability. This test looks at how usable a screen is even in high ambient lighting.

It can be noted that the Galaxy S10’s display is better than last year’s Galaxy S9. Display Performance and Excellence has leveled up once again.

The Galaxy S10 Display offers a number of great things like a Very High Absolute Color Accuracy (0.4 JNCD). It is visually indistinguishable from perfect. Image Contrast Accuracy and Intensity Scale Accuracy are also very high.

High Brightness Mode is now 17% brighter than the Galaxy S9. For independent objects, you can notice Color Accuracy, Intensity Scale, and Peak Luminance.

Note that the Samsung Galaxy S10 has set several Smartphone Display Performance Records. Such are results of those small changes in brightness and color with viewing angle.

SOURCE: DisplayMate