Like all games, we can get addicted pretty quick. The concept/layout of a game keeps us coming back for more and that’s what Disney’s Club Penguin is doing for the kids. The game is for all ages but seems to gear much more towards kids. Think of it like a kids’ portal with a collection of games. Within these mini games you find yourself collecting virtual coins. You can personalize your penguin and keep it up to date with the latest fashion trend or decorate your igloo with the newest furniture.

The game keeps you coming back for more and could keep your kids occupied. As the aim of the game is to obviously have fun, there is the aspect of chasing in-game content and that concept would keep you playing till you collect all the items. In game content can also be purchased using real money. The game provides an opportunity for kids to increase their motor skills, creativity, teamwork, problem solving and money management. Kids can meet and chat with other kids throughout the world and find a sense of belonging. Through that experience, children can learn how to develop social skills.

The Disney game has a strong commitment to online safety which provides secure log-in, filtered chat, live moderators, and the ability to report players. Sounds safe as it is hosted through Disney. Parents have the option to set play timers, manage membership status and more. This way parents are aware and can monitor how the children play the game.

Although this game is free to play, be aware that there is an option to join the Club Penguin membership. The membership would let you access specialized in-game content and exclusive features. Prices vary depending on your subscription: 1 Month = $7.99, 3 Month= $19.99, 6 Month = $39.99. All purchases will be charged to your Google Play account.

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