If you’re a Netflix subscriber and you love Disney movies, you will probably want to binge watch all the movies that you can until 2019. That’s because the Walt Disney Company has announced that they are ending their distribution agreement with the popular streaming network in two years. They also revealed that they will be launching an ESPN-branded multi-sport video streaming service next year and then their own Disney-branded direct-to-consumer streaming service the year after that.

This is part of their other major announcement which is that they are now the majority owner of BAMTech, LLC which will enable them to launch their own video streaming on demand services later on. While they don’t mention other streaming services like Hulu, which they actually recently just entered into a deal with for access to older titles, it is assumed that they will be ending all contracts with streaming services by 2019 to give way to their own.

Aside from offering all their latest releases as well as the back catalogue of all Disney movies, you will also be able to watch Pixar movies and if you like their TV shows, content from Disney XD and the Disney Channel. The last two already have their own stand-alone app though so we’re not sure if they will discontinue and just be in this one app. They will also be offering exclusive, original content to convince people to sign up and subscribe.

With such a large company like Disney, it’s already expected that they will come up with their own streaming app. Now it remains to be seen if people will sign up for another one on top of their Netflixes and Amazon Primes and Hulus. But for now, enjoy your Disney movies on your Netflix while you can.

SOURCE: Disney

VIA: SlashGear


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