Visiting a theme park is probably one of people’s least priorities right now but once things start opening up safely soon, it will be one of the things at the top of most families’ lists. And if you are planning to go to a Disney World Resort later this year, you’ll need just your smartphone to enter and go around. Disney has announced that their MagicMobile Service is coming soon to the My Disney Experience app, bringing you another contactless option for your next visit to the self-proclaimed most magical place on earth.

Previously, you already had the MagicBand, a plastic bracelet with RFID that you could use for your Walt Disney World Resort trips. Visitors that get this wearable have a much simpler and seamless experience when going around the theme park/resort. But with Disney MagicMobile, it should become even more convenient as all you need is your smartphone and you’ll be able to enter and go around the place with the same features as the MagicBand.

All you have to do is create a Disney MagicMobile pass through the My Disney Experience app and then add it to the digital wallet of your smart device. Then when you enter any Disney World Resort park, you just hold up your smartphone or smartwatch to an access point and you’ll be able to go on any ride or buy stuff from the park as long as your digital wallet has enough money in any of your connected cards.

Guests can still choose between the MagicBand or the MagicMobile Service for each visit, whichever works better for you. Disney will continue making more MagicBands in different colors and designs. As for digital room keys, you will still have to use the My Disney Experience when checking in to your hotel. And since Disneyland itself doesn’t use MagicBands, then the MagicMobile option cannot be used there as well.

The Disney MagicMobile Service will be rolling out for iPhones and Apple Watches initially sometime this year. There’s no specific timetable though and we don’t know yet when Android devices and other smartwatches will get it. But since the opening of theme parks is still a question mark in some places, we can wait.


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