Disney+ may have been a bit late to the on-demand video streaming market but it has become one of the most popular ones around, powered by Star Wars, Marvel, Fox, Pixar, and Disney itself. Now if you have a Google smart display lying around in your house, you will be able to stream your favorite shows and movies from the platform. This is part of Disney and Google’s co-marketing push and even your Nest Mini speaker can be Disney-fied if that’s something you prefer.

This new partnership between the two brands means that you’ll be able to link your Disney+ account to your Google smart display. To do this, you need to go to the Assistant app and tapping on your avatar and go to the Services tab. Go to the Videos & Photos section so you can add your account and so your smart display will be able to recognize various commands and requests pertaining to the app.

You can just tell your smart display, well effectively Google Assistant, that you would like to watch a certain show or movie. “Hey Google, play Frozen 2” and you and your kids will be able to watch the movie for the nth time, this time on your smart display. But even if the feature is not yet available for you, you’ve alway been able to stream it on any Chromecast-enabled device by casting it from the Disney+ app on your smartphone.

If you only have a Nest Mini speaker, you can still participate in the madness if you wanted to. You can get a Mickey Mouse kit from Otterbox. The base gets Mickey Mouse’s traditional red overalls while you can put clip-on ears for the rest of the device. This way, you get a Mickey Mouse-wearing outfit even though you don’t have a smart display with which to watch Disney+ from. The Mickey Mouse kit for the Nest Mini will cost you $20 on the Google Store.

Lastly, you can ask your Google Assistant-enabled Android smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and smart displays to tell you a Frozen story. You can choose which character will narrate the story. Just say, Hey Google, tell me a Frozen story, and it should start right away.


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