Dish Network has detailed an upcoming update to their Android app. Specifically, the Dish Anywhere app. This update will bring something called “Transfers” and is expected to arrive before the end of the year. Basically, as the name would imply, Transfers will allow the user to transfer content for viewing on a tablet or smartphone.

In this case that would be transferring DVR recorded content to their mobile device for offline and on-the-go viewing. That is just one aspect of the update though. Dish describes this update as being one that will combine the Dish Anywhere and Hopper Transfers apps. The nice part for Android users, the Hopper Transfers app has only been available for iPad users in the past.

Anyway, along with the ability to transfer DVR recorded content, the other side deals with live television and for those using the Hopper with Sling. Those who fall into that category will be able to view live television (as well as un-transferred DVR content) while out and about. Obviously, this aspect will require a mobile connection.

Bottom line here, an update to the Dish Anywhere app will arrive in the Play Store sometime before the end of the year and it will allow for two specific features. The first is the ability to transfer DVR content for offline viewing and the second is to view live TV and recorded content using the Sling functionality.