If ever you get interested in a dinosaur shoot ‘em up game for your Android device, now is probably the best time as any to download “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores” from the Google Play Store. From the same guys who want you to shoot up deer in Deer Hunter, this new game is a prehistoric hunting extravaganza for those who want to know what it felt like to hunt these huge lizards.

Not to burst your Jurassic bubble though, you will not be hunting the dinos with spear and stones, but with a kick-ass hunting rifle. The game mechanics are pretty easy. The game will provide tasks for you and your rifle to complete. It starts with killing a Velociraptor – you know, those intelligent smaller meat-eating lizards that you would have to kill before they kill you – and then the game moves on from there, until you’re hunting a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Of course, “kill one young stegosaur” may not be everyone’s cup of tea for casual gaming, and so we say up front that this – like the game’s predecessor Deer Hunter – may be an acquired taste. But hunting is a legit way of life for some, and putting majestic and huge dinosaurs on your screen is just a little bit cool. Of course, you get to upgrade your guns in game as well. One of the highlights of the game is getting absolutely awesome hunting guns.

But if you’re thinking that this is an Android port of the wonderful PC game “Carnivores” and its sequels, we’d advise you to not get your hopes up. It is one thing to go around hunting dinosaurs, but classic adventure game this is not. Still, if it works for you, then hey, it’s a free country – grab the game free at the source link. We do assure you that no dinosaurs were hurt in the making of this game. *wink*

SOURCE: Google Play Store