Dimple is a new concept being shown that can add four buttons to an Android device equipped with NFC. We’ll call this a concept for now as the company has yet to begin shipping. For now the company has plans to launch a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo and are hoping to begin shipping in the beginning of August.

Having said that, the idea is both simple and interesting. Dimple is an NFC tag that attaches to your smartphone. These tags have four buttons and each of them can be programmed to do a specific task. A few use case examples including launching an app, calling someone, or even activating the flashlight.


Of course, you could also get a bit more creative and use Dimple to control your music, as a camera shutter button, or to quickly change some settings. Dimple will also have Tasker integration for those wanting to get extra nerdy. Otherwise, as these are simple NFC tags — there isn’t any battery life to worry about. They are also on the thin side measuring in at just 0.5mm thick.

As with other NFC tags, you will want to watch the case you have as some will restrict the use, but the folks at Dimple estimate there to be around 800 compatible devices. Anyway, the Indiegogo campaign is expected to launch on May 6th and Dimple will be available with pledge levels beginning at $26.99 for initial backers.

VIA: ubergizmo

SOURCE: Dimple