Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is becoming a very important feature of Android. It’s part of Android 9 Pie that is slowly rolling out to many devices especially beginning this year. It’s been integrated with the Android Q Pixel Launcher. It also reached the Razer Phone 2, Motorola One, and Moto G7. Google has further improved Digital Wellbeing initiatives for Android devices and we can expect more changes will be introduced. Just recently, we mentioned the Family Link parental controls being integrated with Digital Wellbeing beta.

An updated Digital Wellbeing app has hit the Play Store recently. Version 1.0.263733828.beta brings a new ‘Focus Mode’ toggle so you can pause those distracting apps you can just stop to check. The app features a set of wellness tools that helps anyone to reduce time using some phone apps and features. It’s been helpful because you get to see your behavior and patterns in mobile consumption.

The latest update brings the ‘screen time goal’ feature as per some strings shared by XDA. The feature will help you set a time limit or schedule especially if you really intend to curb your phone addiction. You can set a few hours on the screen each day. Say, maybe three hours, Digital Wellbeing will tell you if you are able to achieve your goal of limiting your gadget use.

Use your phone less. That’s what Digital Wellbeing wants you to do. It won’t completely stop you but tell you how you’re doing. With the update, you can also delete sites from Digital Wellbeing’s history in Chrome. This way, you can remove a site from the dashboard when previously you need to completely disable integration.

Focus Mode on Digital Wellbeing is now available. Get the updated app directly from the Google Play Store. Android Q devices can also enjoy Chrome integration. Just check if the Android version is already in the stable channel.


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