If you’re one of those people who start to feel anxious the moment their smartphone or tablet starts to go below 10% battery life and you have no way of charging them, then we have an app for you. However, you have to wait until your device goes below 5% before you can actually access it. Die With Me is an app that has one purpose only and that is for you to be able to chat with other people who are also losing their battery at that moment.

You would think that at 5% battery, you would want something that would prolong its life. Die With Me isn’t that app as it may actually even hasten your device’s battery drain. But if what you want is to discuss with other people that your battery will eventually die in a few minutes and the resulting anxiety that goes with it, then this is your app. If you try to log on when your battery level is still above 5%, you will be told to wait until it’s below that already. This is a very exclusive club we’re talking about here people.

The developer of this unique app says it was initially intended to be a dating or meet-up app. Because both of you are almost going offline, then you will have no choice but to meet up in person, if both are interested. However it looks like that’s not how it’s being marketed right now. It may have found its own niche, specifically those experiencing offline anxiety and just need to vent with similar-minded people scared of going “off the grid.”

Die With Me is available on the Google Play Store, but you’ll have to pay a very minimal amount of $0.99 to be able to get this unique app.