As if Candy Crush did not destroy so many digital lives already, the creators are now trying to drive us crazy (in a good way) again with a brand new game where you turn into a cute treasure hunter. Diamond Digger Saga is a level based puzzle game where the object is to unearth all these gems and treasures while going through underground worlds and solving various missions.

The game’s character is Diggy, a playful creature of undetermined specie that loves to go underground. When he finds a treasure map, it sets out to find as many gems as it can. You have to go through worlds called Diamond Dale and Turqoise Meringue, all while clearing away groups of 3 similar jewels until you reach the target score. But it’s not easy as you will encounter some blockers like Frozen Block, Multiclear and Indestructuble which can eventually be neutralised by power-ups like Colour Burst, Magic Orb, Dynamite, etc.

The game is a bit like Bejeweled but with more of a “backstory” and cuter creatures around with names like Jiggly Jiraffe, Jolly Joyphant, and Irresistible Moustache Pistache. It has 130 levels available once installed, with more to be added later on with updates, just like what they did with Candy Crush. Aside from those levels, there are also other missions like “Rescue the Fireflies” and “Collect The Toys” (pretty self-explanatory already).

The game has already been active on Facebook (you’ve probably received some game requests by now). But now it is available for free download from the Google Play Store.