Do you stay up all night looking for SoJs in a game that’s not definitely going to have them? Have you been waiting more than 10 years to play a game that’s now having server difficulties? We’ve got the app for you! Diablo III has been met with as much excitement for its classic yet fresh gameplay as it has vitriol for its somewhat flaky servers.

The Diablo III Server Checker does just what it says. It’s a free app that simply checks the up or down status of your favorite server, without you having to manually check it via the website or simply starting up your game and guessing. For dedicated players, the state of the play server could mean the difference between spending the night vanquishing hordes of evil revenants and (gasp!) going out and meeting real people. We kid, we kid.

Naturally, the app includes a home screen widget, for the demon slayer who can only spare half a second of time in the walk between the office and the car. The developer notes that the app relies on Blizzard’s reports for its status, and those aren’t always up-to-the-minute accurate. Have fun, players – and watch out for those guys who explode into snakes.

[via DroidGamers]