The original Showtime hit TV show and everyone’s favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan has made his way into the Google Play Store. Dexter the Game part 2 has been released for Android with his dark passenger and all. For those that watch the show, which is midway through season 7, the game will be familiar as it takes place in last season. Check out more details below.

Yup, Dexter and Harry’s Code is here for Android and you’ll need to remember the code and be careful as you make your way through an open world Miami just like the show. Looking at the screenshots the graphics surely leave something to be desired, but it’s the gameplay and storyline that will keep us playing. The game is voiced by Michael C Hall, so should keep you in your seat as he takes down “bad people” all over the city.

Many of our favorite locations from Dexter have been re-created for the game. We get a nice view of his apartment, driving down the streets of Miami, as well as his all-too-familiar table complete with saran wrap and all of his tools. Too bad the graphics aren’t that great but I’m sure the storyline will carry this $2.99 game for most fans.

We first heard about this back in July, but now as of today it’s available for all from the link below. Quickly you’ll be knee-deep in a world of secrets, blood slides, neatly wrapped garbage bags, and enjoying a “slice of life” as you play this Android game. For those that are confused here, Dexter is a Miami Metro blood splatter analyst that doubles as a serial killer at night. The hit TV show is nearing it’s final season next year and is extremely popular. So enjoy the game while it lasts.

Google Play Store Link

[via Android Police]