Ever fell in love with a game and wished you could repeat it over and over again without it getting old? If replay value is something you hold dear more than any other game mechanic, then Devious Dungeon might tickle your fancy. Though spread across only 5 worlds, its level randomization will keep you guessing every time.

Not all mobile games, even those that desperately try to relieve you of your real-world cash, are designed to be both long lasting and at the same time interesting. Most either have a singular plot with a single ending, while others don’t have an ending at all and become boring. By making each level different each time, Devious Dungeon gives you a new experience every time, keeping each encounter fresh and exciting. That said, it also makes it quite harder to make walkthroughs and guides since things change a lot.

Devious Dungeon also has your staples of classic platformer hack and slash games. The premise of the game is a no-brainer actually. You slay monsters, collect treatures, level up, and dress your character with epic loot. Rinse, repeat, and enjoy.

That said, if you’re quite sick of all those mobile games that try to relive a past golden age of gaming, you might want to skip this one as Devious Dungeon is unabashedly retro in its visuals. Of course, that mostly never gets in the way of some good old fashioned monster hacking fun. The in-app purchases that comes with this free download, however, might. The Devious Dungeon is now available in Play Store for $1.99

Download: Devious Dungeon $1.99 on Google Play Store