It appears that Developers are having a rather tough time accessing the official Android Market for the fourth day in a row today, resulting in a torrent of complaints to Google and, of course, demands that they take care of business. One of the problems more than a few developers have been finding as of this past weekend has been the utterly evil 404 popping up after one clicks SUBMIT to add their app to the market. Needless to say, this isn’t the best place for that NOT FOUND note to be showing up.

Users in the official Android Market question and answer area have ben complaining since April Fools Day 2011 of this 404 error along with a list of 5 more breaks in the system. They are as follows:

The inability to load any applications into console.

Messages that say a developers applications do not belong to them when they definitely, definitely do.

Statistics being incorrect by a very obvious set of numbers.

Data not updating.

Google Checkout skipping a day in payments.

In the wake of the Amazon app market opening up and Google’s open-source being questioned, this is not the most convenient time for Android’s market to be having troubles. With 156 comments on the subject at the time of this post, we’re hoping Google takes care of this set of problems sooner rather than a disastrous later.

Have you experienced similar problems?

[via Android Market]