Many developers of apps on the Android Market are unhappy today with the change of the search functionality on the Android Market. The search tweaks have seen a lot of developers that had popular apps in the past plummet in popularity and search ranking. The shakeup has seen apps that previously ranked very highly for specific keywords not return in the rankings at all for the same searches today.

One developer claims that the downloads of his app have dropped 80%. What angers some devs as much as losing their rankings is the fact that Google hasn’t bothered to respond. There are hoards of website owners out there that have seen their websites pull the exact same disappearing act in the Google web search results as well.

So far, a forum post on the main thread for the issue at the Android support forum has reached 1100 with most complaints that their apps have disappeared. The issue seems to have started on June 28 and on July 6 a Google rep said that they were aware of the problem and working on it. Apparently, that is the only response offered from Google so far.

[via TheRegister]