If you’re a user of basically any Android product outside the few that are released without any Bloatware, Bloatware being apps on your device when you first take it out of the box, you might be wishing you had a solution for them, aka a way to get rid of them as MOST Bloatware is impossible to get rid of without a complex solution. Take a peek here: a developer by the name of Nalthos has created a utility that re-names Bloatware apps in a way that makes them not be able to be activated by your phone, therefor making sure they no longer eat up your resources (great since you’re not using them at all anyway, right?)

A few things you will need to do before using this fabulous little thing: you’ve gotta be rooted. If you’re new to Android, this is the thing all the cool kids are doing, the process all the developers use to unlock all the untapped resources in their phone to make it extra magnificent. Next you’ve got to have busybox installed. If you’re lost already, I suggest reading along and seeing the plus side of this process, then going back and learning the awesomeness of rooting via our friendly forums!

Next, download and run Bloat Manager, available of course over in the original XDA Forums thread, run it, and check out the list of bloat you’ll be able to instantly and simply disable. This process does not delete these apps, instead simply renaming the end of their filenames to .bak instead of .apk, making it easy to turn them back on if you find a use for them in the future.

This lovely utility is only available on Droid 2 Global at the moment – would you like to see it developed for your device as well?

[Via XDA]