Being a project manager can be a lucrative gig — especially if you’ve got the right certifications under your belt. This Comprehensive Six Sigma Certification Collection includes 32 hours of training covering project management and Six Sigma fundamentals — not only is it far less expensive than traditional project management courses, you can get it here for a steal at 97% off.

These in-depth courses take you from a beginner to expert understanding of Six Sigma, a business methodology that’s specifically designed to help operations minimize errors and cut costs. It’s one of the most desired certifications in project management, so showing off a certification is your ticket to your dream job or a promotion.

The courses also show you how to use Minitab, a statistics tool used by many companies to spot trends and develop better business solutions. There’s even a course covering customer experience and how to capture your customer’s voice and understand how you can best serve them. By the time you get through all the courses, you’ll be prepped to take (and ace) the Six Sigma certification — and learn how to use valuable other tools to boot.

Usually this Comprehensive Six Sigma Certification Collection is $1649.91, but you can get it here for $45, here at Android Community Deals.


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