If you’ve been playing Deus Ex GO, a turn-based puzzle game from developer Square Enix, for some time now, you probably have been wishing for more new content to make the game even more exciting. And you probably have come up with some ideas that you wish the game would do. Well now you can bring those ideas to life as the latest update brings you a puzzle maker mode. You get to create and add your own puzzles, challenge other people to solve them, and solve the community-generated puzzles yourself.

For those not familiar with the game, it is set in the massively popular Deus Ex universe, but this time around, you get to solve puzzles as covert agent Adam Jensen. You would need to use hacking, augmentations, and of course combat, in order to solve them and even unravel the conspiracies surrounding a terrorist plot. But with the latest update, you will now be able to craft your own puzzles and share them with everyone else also playing Deus Ex GO.

You will be able to use the same streamlined design that the game uses as well as blueprints to guide you in creating your own puzzles. And when you publish your own creations, you’ll of course get some in-game rewards later on. The best created puzzle modes will be featured in the Daily Challenge mode where people can play and solve them. You get to receive suggestions for the best content around through an algorithm created by the developers.

You can update your Deus Ex GO game from its Google Play page so you can start creating your own puzzles. You also get 60% off the game ($1.99), so if you don’t have the game yet, you have until December 1 to get it at that price.

SOURCE: Square Enix


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