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The idea of a smartwatch goes beyond it being used as a small wrist computer, health and fitness tracker, and a notifications device. The technology is new but it has been rapidly evolving, thanks to smartwatch developers especially those who believe that Android Wear is THE future of wearables.

For the past few years, we’ve seen numerous models from various manufacturers running different wearable OS. Each smartwatch available in the market today doesn’t offer much (yet) because each one is solely dependent on the available software. However, you can customize it by changing the watch face, watch strap, and choosing the color that you like.

To add more functionality to smartwatch, Deus Ex Technology came up with the Deus Ex Aria. It’s a small attachment that adds gesture control to any Android Wear smartwatch or a Pebble. With simple finger gestures, you can control your wearable device.

The Deus Ex Aria is brings a different kind of interaction to a wearable device. It allows hands-free control to your Pebble or any Android Wear smartwatch. It comes in two versions: a smartwatch trap for Pebble and a clip for Android Wear. The strap for Pebble connects via wired communication while the Android Wear version works via Bluetooth.

You can customize the gestures but some of the basic actions include Index finger tapping to Enter/Return, Ring tapping to Exit/Back/Menu, Flick down for Down/Right action, and Flick up for Up/Left action. You can do a lot of things with the Deus Ex Aria: check and read email, answer or refuse a call, play and listen to music, and control photo app in your phone.

Deus Ex Aria also works as an advanced smartphone control. You can connect the Pebble version to any Android and iPhone or use the Android wearable version to any Android device. Because you can use the Deus Ex Aria with your smartphone, it also means more features, opportunities, and connectivity can be utilized. You can even control that GoPro of yours with the Deus Ex Aria through the smartphone.

The mechanism of the Deus Ex Aria is a bit technical but the technology recognizes finger gestures from the wrist according to the developers. Sensors recognize those gestures and movements of the tendons through tendon analysis, an approach that is said to be more reliable and accurate, even working with tattoos, sweat, and water. Technology is still patent pending but it looks really promising.

More details about the Deus Ex Aria project are on Kickstarter. Fund goal is $100,000 and so far, almost $63K have been raised from more than 580 backers. That’s a good amount already since deadline is still 27 days from now.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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