According to T-Mobile and their twitter account we have just got the details on the Insomnia Sale, or after-hours sale they have been talking about. They will be selling some of their hottest summer devices at extremely low prices, or in this case free for those that stay up late with them and can get in on the action. Here is the official tweet. It is tonight, May 25th so don’t waste any time.

This sale was supposed to be the wee early hours of the 23rd but got delayed, so lucky for you guys we are telling you again now so you will be lucky enough to get a FREE android phone thanks to T-Mobile. You better be quick and have lots of coffee and or red bull if you plan to stay up late, or hot tea.

The details on the sale are: The Sale takes place between the hours of 9PM and 3AM PT or 12PM and 6AM EST, We’ll see you in the morning.

[via @Tmobile]