Remember that stunk that BlackBerry maker RIM pulled to get Android developers to submit their apps to the BlackBerry App World? You know, the one that essentially gives away the company’s one and only tablet to anyone willing to jump ship? After an excited initial response from Android developers, RIM has decided to extend the promotional program by two weeks. Devs, get those fingers in gear and head on over to the BlackBerry FAQ to get the skinny – you’ve got until March 2nd to submit your app, but only until February 15th (Wednesday) to sign up.

If you’re wondering why RIM is wooing Android devs, it’s because they’ve developed a system for porting Android applications to the PlayBook with relative ease. The company supplies a set of tools and requirements for getting Android apps on the BlackBerry App World, where they can be downloaded and run on the PlayBook’s OS 2.0 software update (not regular Blackberry phones). The PlayBook’s software architecture shares enough DNA with Android that it’s reportedly pretty easy to bring one app to the other, and vice versa.

And man, the PlayBook needs all the help it can get. Originally launched at $500 (with a form factor and internals roughly equal to the Nook Color) the BlackBerry PlayBook can now be had for half that at many online retailers, and BlackBerry apparently still has enough to literally give away. RIM’s market share has been steadily declining ever since Android hit the market. Still, if apps make the platform as popular wisdom dictates, then they’ve got a pretty good strategy – so long as developers can actually sell the apps that they port.


  1. I believe it’s called strategy. As a developer, I realy appreciate this kind of alternative. It simplifies the developer’s effort to distribute apps to as many platforms as possible.

  2. This is the worst article I have seen.  Michael Crider exudes the Phandroid mentality to the core.  Same internals as the Nook Color.  Are you mental?  Can you not even use Google to look up specs.  Android Community… why do you have this hack writing for you….

    • I am an android programmer and This guy stinks! I cant wait for that BlackBerry tablet to get into my hands so I can get more markets for my Android Apps. All these “RIM are Dead” articles are starting to piss me off. All they are seeing is RIM unloading their tablets. I see them handing out their tablets to the people who will make them better. Also going to get things ready for their future tablet and BB10 releases. Good move RIM.

  3. The question is, why does google continue to allow these types of articles to show up via its search engine? If I own a magazine company, for its integrity, am I not responsible to ensure that the articles that show up in it are factually sound? Unless of course my magazine is to serve up gossip. Has google moved over into the gossip business?

  4. Desperate measures?
    It’s something the National Enquirer would use.
    What a shame that this pathetic article headline shows up first on a Google search for “blackberry playbook”.
    Coincidence or a Google Android tactic?

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