If you really are planning to work with Samsung’s DeX, you might as well tweak it to your personal needs so that it fits the way you work. A number of apps have come out to make your experience more efficient with DeX, and “Desktop Hub” – initially called DeX Hub – is one of those apps.

If you’re not familiar with Samsung DeX yet, it’s a system that allows you to work on a desktop PC-like environment so you can multitask and work with windowed apps – and connect your keyboard and mouse. This happens when you plug in your Samsung Galaxy S8 to the Samsung DeX dock which then projects the DeX environment onto a big-screen display.

The Desktop Hub app enhances this system so you can work better. It gives support to more keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys so you can keep using the ones you’re used to on your PC. It also enables true windowed mode for all apps, even the ones that require touch input to work. Lastly, it also has an alternative start menu that brings a more familiar look to the DeX environment.

The company behind Desktop Hub – which is Touch Technologies – renamed it from DeX Hub because it envisions the app to be usable with other similar technologies when they come out. It’s free to download, so you can try it when you work with Samsung DeX.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store