Android has announced that it is releasing the Desktop Unit Head (DHU) software for Android Auto developers to play around with and testing their apps for in-car experience. The software can be installed on your desktop computer and it will give you simulation for an Android Auto car unit. Pretty sweet.


If you’re testing pre-release versions of your app for Android Auto, now you can do so in an environment that mimics the real thing, without having to code from your car. The DHU is the newest and greatest of all the Android Auto simulators that Android has put out, and so previous simulators will only be supported for a short period of time. Developers are encouraged to update their simulators to DHU.

The DHU enables your desktop PC, or whatever it is you are using as your workstation, to basically simulate an Android Auto head unit for testing purposes. After you install the DHU, you can test the Android Auto app you are developing by connecting your phone to your workstation via USB. As long as the DHU is running, your phone will behave as if it’s connected to an Android auto car unit. Your app will be displayed on the workstation as it will be displayed on a car.


You can download the new DHU by opening SDK Manager, going to Extras > Android Auto Desktop Head Unit emulator. The DHU will be installed in the /extras/google/auto/ directory.

SOURCE: Android