Critically-acclaimed dungeon crawler/roguelike/puzzle game Desktop Dungeons now has an Enhanced Edition and you can play it on your Android smartphone or tablet. You get to enjoy all the randomly generated dungeons, fight against evil creatures, collect spells and items that will help you along the way, all to protect and make your Kingdom better. If you’ve always wanted to practice for when you rule your own kingdom, then games like this are good simulation.

Each of the randomly generated single-screen dungeons contain an adventure all their own, with different storylines that you can explore. The Venture Cave sees you escorting an Elf Warlock through it. Or you can take the beard of Aequitas the Warlock after you defeat him in combat and then sell it to the Taxedermist so you can upgrade your Blacksmith Or. You get to regenerate your health and mana as you explore new terrain. All of what you’re doing though is to protect your Kingdom (and maintain your “bottom line” as well).

There are 20 kinds of classes that you can play and unlock as you go through the game. There are two new classes, the Chemist and Rat Monarch, that weren’t included in the original game. There are also 7 different kinds of classes and if you combine each with other ones, you get special abilities as well. The are a lot of mini-games and puzzles that will keep you occupied whenever you’re bored/

You can download the game from the Google Play Store for $10. It might be a bit steep. but there are no more in-app purchases so it’s just a one-time payment and then you get to enjoy all the features and perks of the game.