You may have gotten some programming chops from our previous Android app development courses, but that’s only half the tools you’ll need when making a game. The other half, game design, requires a different kind of mindset, a different set of tools. Luckily, we now also have a few courses just for that very purpose, and you get to pay what you want for these four courses from our Game Design Bundle.

Unlike our previous Android Community Deals highlights, this one has a specific mechanic, not unlike what Humble Bundle does for its games or ebooks. For a certain minimum amount, you get two out of four of the courses available. This includes learning how to create “hand-painted” textures for your game art assets as well as a course on the mystic arts of gamification, bringing “game thinking” into anything, eve non-games.

However, if you do beat the average, which currently stands at $8.14, you unlock the other two courses. These teach you how to build games using the popular Unity 3D game engine and creation tool. You also get to learn how to create professional video game art assets with tools like Photoshop and 3D Studio Max. If you do decide to pay the recommended $49.99 price tag, you get an even higher 93 percent discount off the total price. But if you really want something to boast about, you can top the highest bidder by paying $301.

Like Humble Bundles, you also get to share some of that amount with your choice of charity, including Child’s Play, the World Wildlife Fund, and Creative Commons. So what are you waiting for? Learn and share all in one swoop with this Game Design Course Bundle from Android Community Deals.

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