AutoDesk has just recently announced that the popular AutoCAD WS Mobile app is now coming to Android. Time to get your design on. They said this has been the most asked question since the launch of the iOS version and that they are happy to be bringing this to Android. It will be available in the Android Market starting April 20th. It also plays very nicely with Tablets.

After looking over the Autodesk site it looks like they have done some exciting work with the mobile app, as they will all work together. Cross Platform compatibility was a big thing for them, and they are happy to report that it will work seamlessly across all platforms.

AutoCAD WS allows you to share your files with anyone and collaborate in real-time. Using your Android phone or tablet, you can work with clients and colleagues using any other Android device or any iOS device or any desktop computer with a browser.

Sometimes we Android users get apps that are already in the Apple App Store, but aren’t as feature rich or are some way different. AutoDesk has made sure to include every single feature for Android, users are all set up and ready to go starting April 20th. Check out the app in use on the Motorola Xoom teaser video below.

[via Autodesk]