Denny’s, as in “America’s iconic family diner” has entered the Android app world. Except while many would expect a Denny’s app to be focused on the restaurant and maybe the menu — this one is about retro gaming. Specifically, the app offers a bit of an Atari remix.

The app is called Denny’s Atari Remix and it brings remixed versions of Asteroids, Centipede and Breakout. The games are called Hashteroids, Centipup and Take-Out. And here is where the menu connection comes into play — Denny’s has released the Atari Remix app in an effort to help promote the new “Greatest Hits Remixed” menu.

  • Hashteroids – You’re aboard the SS Denny’s Condiment Transport ship and the mission is clear: deliver 40 tons of condiments to the 4th planet in sector 7d.
  • Centipup – Once upon a time, a young boy named Danny came across a bottle of syrup and with just a slight squeeze the bottle’s sticky contents had the power to turn anyone or anything into a fried egg.
  • Take-out – A wall made entirely of delicious Denny’s breakfast items appears blocking all the take-out orders from their rightful owners. The only way to feed customers is to break down that wall!

Interestingly, the app icon is even a bit of a remix on the Atari logo. If you look, that is the shape of the logo, but done with bacon. Bottom line here, if you are looking for a bit of a twist on a few retro Atari games — hit up the Denny’s Atari Remix app for a few minutes of fun.

The Denny’s Atari Remix app is free and can be found using this Google Play Store link.

Along with the game app, Denny’s also has what we would consider a more traditional restaurant app. This other app is simply called Denny’s and allows the user to see the full menu (including breakdowns of the meals) and also find the closest location.



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