When you’re on a flight, especially long-haul travel, one of the most difficult things to “endure” is to not be connected and to not communicate with your loved ones or colleagues. But lately, we’ve seen carriers, both the digital and the actual airlines’ ones, finding ways to still help you keep in touch. Delta Air Lines will start offering free mobile messaging when you fly with them, as they become the first US global carrier to do so. They also have the most aircraft that will be offering the in-flight messaging.

Having this feature will enable the airline passengers to still keep in touch with work or with loved ones through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and probably expanding to other services too. Delta Air wanted to invest in an “easy and free way to send and receive messages inflight” because they knew it was something their customers needed or wanted to have. So those who will be flying on planes with Gogo services will be able to access the free messaging service through Delta’s Wi-Fi portal page, but you will only be able to send text messages and not those with photos or videos.

If you need more connectivity on your flight, aside from just messaging, Delta is also expanding on things they know their passengers will like: high-speed WiFi and free entertainment. In the next two years, they will equip 600 aircraft with Gogo’s 2Ku Wi-Fi technology to provide “consistent, uninterrupted coverage anywhere in the world”. Through this, you will be able to stream videos from your favorite providers.

Delta is also committed to installing more than 600 aircraft with seat-back screens by the end of next year so that passengers will be able to choose the kind of entertainment they will consume while in-flight. They can also stream Delta Studio to their personal devices. Hopefully, this will keep you from going bonkers while in the air.