One of the better aspects of Android, at least in a few people’s eyes, is that there’s a different user experience from handset manufacturer to handset manufacturer. And, if you happen to really like one, there’s a chance that it may just appear on your device some day in the future. In the case of Dell’s Stage User Interface, if you’ve got yourself an Android 2.2-based device, it looks like you will only have to do a few tweaks to get this new User Interface on your handset.

The new UI is a new and fun way to access your content, right from the homescreen. While portrait mode is working just fine right now, it looks like that landscape mode isn’t functioning as well as it should, or as well as the developers would like. Still, it’s better than nothing. Oh, and the best part? You don’t actually have to be rooted to get your Stage UI goodness. Check out the video below, or head through the source link to find the full instructions. And after you check it out, let us know in the comments what you think.

[via XDA]