Dell first brought mentioned Project Ophelia back in January, during CES. We learned some of the basics at the time, such as how this would be a ‘computer on a stick’ and how it would be running Android. The device then briefly turned up over the summer and now it looks like an FCC filing has been discovered.

The filing has this pegged as the Wyse Cloud Connect, however we may still have a few months before any official information gets released. The Dell World 2013 event is set to take place in December, running from the 11th through the 13th. Coming by way of the Dell World event site, there is mention of being able to get hands-on with the Wyse Cloud Connect, AKA, Project Ophelia.


This mention then goes on to describe the Wyse as a “USB tool that fits in your pocket and turns practically any display into a personal computer.” Based on this, it seems Project Ophelia is a bit more about having access to a computer while on-the-go — as opposed to this being a streaming stick similar to the Chromecast.

Shifting back to the filing and unfortunately we aren’t learning anything else in terms of the software. What the filing has done is offer quite a few images as well as some details on the hardware. For example, the FCC points towards the Wyse as having a microSD card slot, mini USB 2.0 and micro USB OTG port/power as well as WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth and an MHL-compatible HDMI port.

VIA: Engadget