Dell’s new Venue tablet is an 8-inch Windows machine, said to be running Windows 8.1 and available sometime this month. In a strange twist, it seems there is a Dell tablet passing through the FCC’s WiFi certification, which goes by “Venue 8”. While no other details are offered, it seems as though Dell is double dipping!

According to the FCC filing, the device will run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. No other details were offered, but some speculate it could have an Intel Bay Trail processor backing it, just as the Windows variant does. It also has a 5MP rear shooter, and a textured back… and if they really are duplicate devices, we’ll expect to see the same for the Android version.

Dell was highly respected in the early days of Android tablets, but bowed out under the strain of their own turmoil and strong competition. Manufacturers like Samsung have come to market with a ton of great devices, and ASUS leads the Nexus charge, having made both Nexus 7-inch tablets thus far. While they’ve sworn off smartphones, it’s good to see them making another pass at bringing the Venue lineup to Android.

While Dell hasn’t made anything official about having an Android tablet, they did discuss their Venue tablet for Windows back in September at IDF. The 1080p tablet is a very nice offering, but some wonder if an 8-inch tablet is the right fit for Windows. We’re sure it’s right for Android, so we’ll be eagerly awaiting Dell’s official announcement on the device tomorrow.

VIA: The Droid Guy

SOURCE: WiFi Certifications