If you are a fan of the Android packing Dell Streak and have hankered for a version that lacks 3G and offers in WiFi only, this is your lucky day. A new Streak has turned up with its WiFi certification in tow and it should be hitting the market soon. The new Stream MID has a model number of M02M002.

The original Streak 7 turned up with a very similar certificate that said dual-mode on it to show the WiFi and 3G radio inside. This new certificate has single-mode on it meaning WiFi only. For shoppers that like the Streak 7, but are on a tight budget this is good news indeed.

WiFi only versions are more and more common since many folks are buying tablets and MIDs and using them around the house or near hotspots only. These are also great for the folks that don’t care to pony up the monthly fee for 3G when they aren’t sure they will use it often. There is no word on a price or a release date for the new Streak.

[via Streaksmart]