There’s a few folks out there that, when they get a shiny new toy, immediately want to take it apart and find out all the cool little intricacies of the device. Find out how it ticks, more or less. And, most of them work for iFixIt. The group that’s become notorious for ripping apart shiny new gadgets, and detailing what exactly makes them so noteworthy, has done it again. And this time, the Dell Streak made it under their fingers.

While there’s plenty of details in there for someone who’s really interested in hearing about what’s inside the Streak, the single most noteworthy thing would be the LCD panel. That is actually bonded to the front glass, so you can’t actually just replace the LCD assembly. But, like we said, if you’re itching to find out what circuits make what do what, then go ahead and follow the source link below.

[via iFixIt]