Once the Dell Streak hits the streets this HDMI dock will surely be the hottest accessory everyone will pick up for their new toy. This dock will be able to perform all of the things we expect out of a traditional dock and a few extras. It should be available for purchase on the same day the streak is released.

As far as the Streak itself goes, there’s a kickstand case add on. This came out of the blue, there was no mention of this case in the past. This is a welcome feature for every MID, it’s also on a few phone like the recently released EVO 4G, it allows you to prop up the device while viewing photos and videos. Now back to the dock, it has an HDMI output, USB port and a line out jack. Currently, there is no official word on the ability for this dock to output every faceted of content on the tablet. Stay tuned for more details on the docks playback capabilities.

[via laptopmag]