Still in London for the BETT conference, there are numerous OEMs showcasing their latest computers, laptops, and monitors for the education sector. School administrators, teachers, and students and even parents too will be delighted to know that Dell has just announced its newest offerings.

Dell has always been a reliable partner of educators in helping them with their teaching and providing effective learning opportunities for the students. The key is to make products that will last a long time and keep up with the demands of teachers and the students. Newly added to the education lineup are new laptops, Chromebooks, and display monitors.

There’s the 360-degree convertible notebook for the students, the Latitude 11 Convertible with Dell Productivity Active Pen, which is also available with a Chrome OS version–the Dell Chromebook 11 Convertible. They look exactly the same but the specs are slightly different. At this point, we’re only interested with the Chromebook version because we want something lighter.

The 11-inch 2-in-1 convertible laptop is powered by a 6th Gen Intel Celeron processor. It’s flexible with the tent, tablet, or clambshell modes. The notebook comes equipped with a Corning Concore Glass and Gorilla Glass touch display, ergonomic and fully-sealed keyboard, tamper-resistant keys all-day battery, and a durable hinge. This one has a non-convertible version called simply as the Dell Chromebook 11.

Dell also launched a 13-inch version. The Dell Chromebook 13, also with a Windows counterpart– the Latitude 13, comes with a bigger screen, Intel Celeron or Core i3 processor, fully sealed keyboard and touchpad, and metal bracket for more durability.

The Chromebook versions of the new Dell notebooks are more affordable than the Windows variants. The Chromebook 11 Convertible (3189) will be $349 and the Chromebook 13 (3380) will only be $299. The basic Dell Chromebook 11 (3180) will only be $219. Their Latitude Windows versions will be $579, $519, and $349 respectively. These new notebooks will be available beginning February 7 via



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