The hopes of some users for this to land on T-Mobile has been squashed (for now). Dell are in talks with AT&T to offer the Mini 5 on their network  possibly subsidized. The Mini 5 will indeed be compatible with the Android Market and there is a strong possibility for future Dell tablets to choose resistive screens over capacitive.

Unlike to the iPad’s target market, Choubey reckons the Mini 5 will appeal to “a more tech-savvy generation of people” who choose functionality over appearance. The cloud-based aspects of the device are still unknown but Dell’s head tablet executive Neeraj Choubey said:

“If I bought something from Amazon store on my tablet and I downloaded it, why should I have to choose my tablet over my netbook? When I was at Yahoo they always talked about your content, your way, when you want it, how you want it. It’s something that everyone in the mobile space has embraced. You shouldn’t have to make decisions based on where your content is.”

The Mini 5 is Android Market compliant and will run any app that meets Google’s developer guidelines. As far as resistive screens in future models go, Dell might use new transparent conductor resistive panels over capacitive technology that support multitouch finger-input and the use of a stylus.

[via slashgear]