Dell has reconfirmed its plans to push out an Android 2.2 ROM for the Dell Streak before the end of 2010, but with its free engineers all working on Froyo it doesn’t mean there won’t be any further Android 2.1 releases in the intervening period.  It also means that no further customers will get the Android 2.1 update as a pushed OTA update.

“Due to resources and commitments to get our global customers the 2.2/Froyo update by the end of the year, we will not be publishing another version of 2.1 nor will we be pushing out 2.1 to additional customers.

I know many of you have requested that we publish specific dates for Android OS updates; however, because there are so many variables (some outside of our control), we cannot make a specific commitment other than we will be publishing 2.2 by the end of this year to all of our Dell Streak customers. I can tell you that our target date is NOT December 31st. In fact, the over-the-air update to 2.2 is target date is much sooner than that.”

Dell aren’t talking specific target dates, but do expect Froyo to be released “much sooner” than December 31st.

[via Streak Smart]