Dell is a popular name in the computer world but we haven’t heard much about it. Before learning about the Dell Mobile Connect that screencasts smartphone to supported PCs, we learned of new convertible Chromebooks but that was over a year ago already. Today, we discover Dell is offering the Dell Chromebook 5000 series that targets those who are looking for rugged notebook computers that can work as either a tablet or a laptop. A new convertible is available to survive the test of time.

The Dell Chromebook 5000 series includes the Dell Chromebook 5190 that comes equipped with a spill-resistant keyboard and a chassis that’s been tested to survive four-feet drops onto a steel surface. Its hinges are reinforced to withstand frequent folding. The chassis has been made to be more robust so it can last students a long time. We all know that young students and teenagers can be clumsy and careless at times so having a laptop that can handle hardcore use or drops is very much welcome.

The notebook is powered by dual-core and quad-core Intel Celeron processors. It’s starting price is $289 and it will be released next month in key markets. Dell announced the laptop at the BETT Show which is happening now in London.

Dell Chromebook 5190 laptop features USB Type-C connectivity, EMR pen support, and World Facing Camera options. Pen-to-paper writing experience is more natural with the EMR pen support while you can connect most USB Type-C devices to the laptop. The World Facing Camera feature allows you to create videos and come up with content to share with the whole cyberworld.

VIA: SlashGear



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