We’ve all been there before (well, unless your device has like a gazillion, okay, 128 GB of space), especially if you’re a massive mobile photo taker. You take and take pictures, or save pictures from various sources on your device, but you’re quickly running out of digital storage space on your phone or tablet. Dropbox is offering a solution to this problem with Dropbox Carousel, which lets you delete those that have already been backed up.

Sounds a bit risky, if you’re concerned about properly backing up your files before freeing up space? Yes, it can be, if the company will make a mistake in the process. But Dropbox’ head of product development for Carousel, Chris Lee, said that they are ensuring this will not happen. The app assigns a unique identification number on the photos uploaded, and this will determine if they’re already completely backed up on the cloud before deleting it from your device.

But it will not also automatically delete it. It will actually give you a prompt when, for example, you’re running out of internal storage space on your smartphone or tablet. You still can control which ones should be removed from your device since they’re already backed up on Dropbox. The original photo will not be marked for deletion until it is fully (and not partially) uploaded on the cloud. The prompt will happen at three points – when you first use the Dropbox Carousel app, when your device reaches the 50% capacity mark and finally when it gets to 80%.

Photos that are backed up and are older than 30 days will be marked for deletion. Android users can expect the update for Dropbox Carousel to roll out from the Google Play Store gradually starting today.

VIA: SlashGear