If you’re the type of mobile gamer that is not afraid of fighting against demons and spiris and all kinds of scary stuff, then you’d might want to get your hands (or phones) on this new game available for Android devices. Brave Knight Rush is an action adventure game, but the best part about it, aside from fighting off the hordes of demons bent on killing you, is that you get to fight with what is probably the best weapon of all: an actual fire-breathing dragon.

You, as the Brave Knight, have taken on the task of fighting off evil creatures who dared to infest the human kingdoms that were once peaceful and bountiful. You need to travel through forests, infected kingdoms and towns, and take on these skeletons, demons, cyclops, and other demons with the use of weapons like holy water, the silver dagger, and magic swords and arrows. But your secret weapon is of course your fire-breathing dragon that you can ride through the kingdoms and with its help, you can destroy entire armies.

The game has 40 missions, and it also has boss dragons and devil stages that you need to go through and earn more points in the process. You can also collect coins so you can buy items from the store that will upgrade your tools and weapons. The game’s 3D graphics are pretty neat, so aside from having fun just decimating your enemies, you do it with style.

You can download Brave Knight Rush from the Google Play Store for free. It supports both smartphones and tablets, as well as a number of gamepads. There are in-app purchases available as well.