The mobile game which made it big on the iOS App Store the past year is now available on Android. ‘Blades of Brim’ which is an action game developed by SYBO is now live on the Play Store– ready to gain many new fans in the Android community. From the same guys who created Subway Surfers, this new game will have the heroes saving the world from the Goons that are wreaking havoc and mayhem in the universe.

Blades of Brim is one epic action adventure game where you need to battle against those hordes of villains. Finish each level and complete numerous quests where you can unlock those legendary heroes. You have powerful weapons that can be upgraded. Choose to boost your armor and get pets like dragons, horses, and wolves to help you in your fight.

Brim needs a hero and this game will definitely have you hitting combos and running walls as quickly as you can. Those portals are your gateways into those awesome magical worlds you never knew existed. Those elemental wolves and dragon pets of yours can also be summoned to help you find the endless army of minions.

You will never run out of items to upgrade as long as you are willing to unlock them and paying for a premium for those in-app purchases.

Download Blades of Brim from the Google Play Store