With the continued popularity of Spotify (despite Taylor Swift’s break-up with them) and Google creating YouTube Music Key, competition in the music streaming service has never been tougher. Another competitor, Deezer, is stepping up its game in the latest update as it gives users the chance not just to listen to songs they like but sing-along to the ones they love with the new lyrics feature.

If you’re a true blue music lover, you will always have the urge to sing along to your favorite songs, but not all of them have clear cut lyrics. Deezer has partnered with LyricFind so that you have the option to look at the lyrics while you’re listening to a song. No more mishearing Starbucks lovers in a Taylor Swift song (yes, she’s on this music streaming service) or thinking Jennifer Lopez is expressing love for her puppy instead of her Papi.

You have the option to display the entire song at once, or if you feel like doing a little karaoke, you can view it in sing-along mode. Not all songs however have the lyrics already, only those that have a microphone icon will be able to display the words. But they are working on having this for all 35 million songs in their library. This feature is available in all of its platforms like smartphones, tablets and even desktops.

While some of the other music streaming services like Spotify can also do this through third-party apps. Deezer is probably the first to have it built-in to the app. This feature is available in both the free and premium services when you update your app. If you don’t have it yet on your device, you can download it from the Google Play Store.