Deezer, a popular music streaming service inthe UK, has made a few interesting moves today. The service will now expand their free offerings, and offer a beta app for Mac. More notably, they’ve partnered with Samsung to deliver their Premium+ service free to new Galaxy S5 owners for six months.

Much like their web version, mobile users will now get the opportunity to listen to smart radio for free. Like it is on the web, there will be the occasional commercial spot, but that’s not much of a problem. Deezer has also dropped their 10 hour cap on playback, and are offering a Mac app, which is currently in beta.

Their partnership with Samsung brings their premium streaming service free to those who purchase a new Galaxy S5 (or slightly used one, if you know someone who has one). The Premium+ plan from Deezer typically runs £9.99/month, so it’s roughly a £60 freebie for new S5 owners. Premium+ is beneficial because there are no adds at all, and you get enhanced audio playback (320kbps).

This partnership, as well as the updated services from Deezer, put them squarely back in the streaming music spotlight. Their £9.99 monthly offering isn’t bad, but free for six months with a new Galaxy S5? We like that a lot.