The OnePlus Buds are true value for money – no doubt the OnePlus users love them at a fraction of the price of the likes of Apple. The only problem with the earbuds is their lack of function with other brand phones, even the brand’s older devices like OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T don’t have a flexible feature for the accessories. Many questions were raised during a Chinese Q&A session about the compatibility of the TWS buds with phones other than OnePlus. Thankfully, there were some positives that came out of the session, as confirmed by OnePlus.

The Chinese OEM is going to build a standalone app for the OnePlus Buds which will work with Android devices running on Android 6.0 (or higher). The app will also bring added controls for old OnePlus device users, and update the buds firmware for best experience – letting you enjoy music without any hiccups. According to PinukiaWeb, the app will be made available in the coming months. Although it is not sure whether the app will be released worldwide or only for Chinese users for now.

Lack of deep integration of the buds’ compatibility with other Android devices did not make them a good choice for such users. The lack of added settings like adjusting double-tap actions or the persistent notification icon which can be pretty annoying. We also expect the app to come with some new interesting features as it develops over time.

Along with these quirks, OnePlus is also going to put some of the other concerns under the scanner for solutions. For example some generic issues with the HydrogenOS Open Beta.